Embrace the Chaos

June 24, 2021
Joanne Marriott
Anne Sashegyi


School: Bob Hawke College 

Year Group: Year 7

Teacher: Anne Sashegyi

Creative Practitioner: Joanne Marriott

Creative Practice: Creative Facilitator

Poem by Joanne Marriott

On a winter's day, back in July,
with our heads full of dreams, and our spirits high.

We embarked on a journey with Creative Schools,
with a wheel of habits and lots of tools.

At Bob Hawke in Subi, a brand new place,
modern, innovative, setting the pace.

With Science our subject, we set out to explore,
sustainability, human impacts, ecosystems and more.

We aimed for collaboration and discipline,
but little did we know what was about to begin.

Thirty year sevens, girls and boys,
can be quite the storm of chaos and noise.

We disrupted the classroom, an energy unleashed,
and we didn't quite know how to tame this new beast.

But like all good creatives, we persevered,
for chaos is not something to be feared.

We planned to experiment, try everything and see,
what sticks and engages them creatively.

We failed and succeeded again and again,
but then came a sense of clarity when,

The marginal voices came to the fore,
the shy students weren't on their own anymore.

Awareness of their own learning preferences grew,
some found they liked science more than they knew.

Disengaged students began to join in,
this is when we felt there was something to win.

This is a postcard from themselves at the start,
to their future self, showing learning as art.

This is a superhero, crafted through clay,
with superpowers to save the earth and save the day.

This is a poster of missing species,
under threat and endangered, let's save them please.

This is a picture from our cultural incursion,
we talked sustainability - the Aboriginal version.

We reflected together, and we chose what worked best,
what we'd like to take forward, leaving the rest.

They chose team activities, challenges, games,
they set the agenda, the journey, the frame.

They set their own values and goals as a team,
and with that, Term 4 was planned it would seem.

But don't get us wrong - there were hard times and good,
and it tested our limits like a good challenge should.

As a teacher, we saw Annie's creative confidence bloom,
she now takes these habits into every classroom.

As a creative, I've been challenged to bring something new,
to innovate constantly, to engage with this crew.

Throughout the whole program, the chaos still reigned,
but our spirits remain high, through all that's been gained.