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Innovative Assessment

FORM’s Creative Learning Innovative Assessment (CLIA) pilot is a creative learning program championed by AISWA, and designed and delivered by FORM’s Creative Schools for CARE schools. CARE Schools support the education of secondary aged students who are unable to or have difficulty accessing mainstream education. CLIA aims to provide young people with practical ways to demonstrate their learning, while inspiring new approaches to learning by embedding creativity in teaching and assessment practices.


A Celebration of Creative Bravery

NOW I OWN was an outcome of the 2021 CSIA, which was a showcase celebrating the work of students from three CARE schools - Alta-1 College, Bunbury Regional Community College and Port School (Hamilton Hill), who collaborated with four leading Western Australian artists - Claire Davenhall, Anne Gee, Stormie Mills and Andrea Tenger.

Find out more in our dedicated NOW I OWN publication.

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You can’t fail as long as you participate"

Stormie Mills

FORM’s Creative Learning Innovative Assessment is supported by AISWA

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The reach of Creative Schools is broad and inclusive with an emphasis on facilitating learning transformation in ALL school environments, including those considered to be more challenging and/or those located in low socioeconomic areas.