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Settlement and Sustainability | Creative Schools

The collaborative activities, warm ups and reflections resulted in a visible increase in empathy, perspective and cause and effect. Warm ups such as the ‘Human Knot’ and ‘Leaning Out’ helped them to understand that not all methods work.

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

We ended up with six pets that were made with students working collaboratively. The curriculum focus was space and our solar system, so the idea of pets was incorporated into the curriculum focus.

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

Collaborating & managing. -. Work independently, and collaboratively when required, to plan, develop and communicate ideas and information, using management processes. Humanities and Social Sciences. – HASS Skills (7-8).

The Adventures of AquaFire | Creative Schools

Select, and apply, safe procedures when using components and equipment to make solutions, work independently, or collaboratively when required, to plan, develop and communicate ideas and information for solutions. Context.

Blog | Creative Schools

As a Professional Learning Community (PLC), staff collaborate weekly to plan curriculum delivery in line with agreed strategies. Pedagogies including Inquiry learning, Visible Thinking and Instructional Intelligences are embedded in our culture.

Here Be Dragons! | Creative Schools

This term students were given the freedom to explore ways in which they wanted to represent information; working collaboratively to design and create models using a wide variety of materials. How did we make the Creative Habits of Learning come alive?

Governor Stirling Creative Schools Professional Learning Community | Creative Schools

We were stretched in unexpected ways, yet with collaborative learning at the core of our partnership, we were not only discovering new approaches together, we were modelling to students that learning in an uncertain, rapidly changing and complex world with

Project Disruption | Creative Schools

A favourite warm-up was the back-to-back origami game, to develop skills of collaboration and persistence.

A Ghost In My Suitcase | Creative Schools

They have worked closely with each other to develop crucial interpersonal communication skills with their students and introduced the Five Habits of Learning framework with a specific focus on collaboration and self-discipline.

The 3 Degrees | Creative Schools

In our sessions we have focussed on three of the 5 Habits of Learning - collaborative, persistent and disciplined.