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Settlement and Sustainability | Creative Schools

without consideration of what was already in existence and worked with a philosophy of, ‘more is more and bigger is better.’ This gave them an insight into why some of these choices may have been made. CREATIVE HABITS. The collaborative activities, warm ups

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

table. We used interactive games as a method of learning that built on the knowledge content from the previous week, while focusing on their collaborative and inquisitive habits of learning. “I feel like once in a while you should have some interactive stuff

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

these planets with careful observation of the details of colours involved in each surface and we managed to complete the whole solar system. “It’s collaborative. You work together. It’s imaginative you have to imagine what things would look like in the future

A Ghost In My Suitcase | Creative Schools

granted a wish by the gods, granted. happiness, a long life and eternal good luck. You have been granted 3 wishes, write them on 3 pieces of square paper and carefully fold them into paper cranes, to create a collaborative bridge from Shanghai over to the

Governor Stirling Creative Schools Professional Learning Community | Creative Schools

*. journey, exploring unknown territory and discovering the fruits of learning in a new way, for ourselves and the students. We were stretched in unexpected ways, yet with collaborative learning at the core of our partnership, we were not only discovering new

Blog | Creative Schools

creative schools. APPLY NOW. Home. About. Participants. Resources. Our Approach. Leading for Creativity. Case Studies. Blog. Contact. FOllow. ARTICLES. DISCOVER CREATIVE LEARNING. COLLABoRATIVE. INQuisitive. Persistent. Imaginative. Disciplined. Maths

Sustainability and the Future | Creative Schools

practitioner. They displayed their work alongside industry professionals, for example the work of Cuban Photographer Brayan Collazo, who captured the Swan River brickworks at Ascot in Perth. This formed the inspiration and talking point for their collaborative City

About | Creative Schools

collaborative, persistent and self-disciplined. How does the program work? At the heart of the program is the interaction between students, teachers and creative practitioners, which takes place over an entire academic year. We partner teachers with

Project Disruption | Creative Schools

stick” to encourage them to play with possibilities. A favourite warm-up was the back-to-back origami game, to develop skills of collaboration and persistence. In the main sessions, we particularly worked on the skill of being collaborative, as this was

Design with Purpose | Creative Schools

their learning. It is tempting to just make this a token gesture, as receiving feedback means we are responsible to listen and implement what we hear. This is why the collaborative approach has been so essential, as young people can sniff out when it’s being