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A Lightbulb Moment at Glendale | Creative Schools

to change and improve their creations without feeling judged or inferior to others and they were able to see that they were capable of much more than they anticipated if they took the time to slow down and be persistent when things become difficult

Diving Into the Deep | Creative Schools

has been lots of learning. They have learnt how to work as a team, they have learnt to be persistent, they have learnt to be disciplined and focus. Persistence is now becoming easier for them – I can even see it in their writing tasks.” - Teacher. WHAT

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

How attractive is the packaging, does it make you feel inquisitive? What is the level of enjoyment while playing the game collaboratively? What is the skill level of the game? Did it require you to be persistent and to stick with difficulty? How

There is Resilience, and There is RESILIENCE | Creative Schools

options with great enthusiasm. Then and there, you know you made your mark (on them) and vice-versa.” - Charissa Delima (Creative Practitioner). Next time one asks for an example of being persistent and what resilience looks like, tell them the story of these

Noticing Glendale | Creative Schools

will say, “You have to be persistent. You’re just in the learning pit.” Then there were the curriculum outcomes we were meeting; for instance – Literacy: I could confidently report on many of the outcomes here – language for interaction, language

An Artist's Journey in Providing Engaging Tasks that Assist with the Curriculum | Creative Schools

(disciplined, imaginative, persistent, collaborative and inquisitive) and a curriculum focus which for us, was English. The process was so enjoyable and Fiona and I got along and worked together like a well-oiled machine. I believe this was the key to our

About | Creative Schools

collaborative, persistent and self-disciplined. How does the program work? At the heart of the program is the interaction between students, teachers and creative practitioners, which takes place over an entire academic year. We partner teachers with

Spirit of Sustainability at a Beach School | Creative Schools

changes and ask questions. Persistent. – When we overcome fear of the unknown and make do with the resources we have. Imaginative. – When we visualise a picture of how we are connected to natural systems. Disciplined. – When we are responsible for what we

3D Globe Map: Challenging Students to Apply Creative Habits of Learning | Creative Schools

program with improved ability to be imaginative, collaborative, inquisitive, persistent, and disciplined (disciplined is defined as having the ability to analyse and improve your own work). PIRATICAL RUMBUSTIFICATIONS. Across 16 weeks, we worked with the