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The 3 Degrees | Creative Schools

In our sessions we have focussed on three of the 5 Habits of Learning - collaborative, persistent and disciplined.

Diving Into the Deep | Creative Schools

Carolynne felt the class would benefit the most from focusing on Collaborative, Inquisitive and Persistent, so these set the learning framework for the term ahead. “They are valuing themselves and each other more. That is really important.

Walking Stories | Creative Schools

This precious stick (processed using whittling techniques that required persistence, coordination, imagination and collaboration) became a platform for us to attach memories, ideas and reflections.

A Lightbulb Moment at Glendale | Creative Schools

Collaboration, critical feedback, persistence … the kids are watching it now!” I quickly found the video online and six minutes and thirty-two seconds later I realised we had found one of the keys to unlocking our students’ creative bravery.

Citizen Fremantle | Creative Schools

In our sessions we have focused on three of the 5 Habits of Learning - collaborative, persistent and imaginative.

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

They worked cooperatively by not breaking the chain and showed great persistence to get valence shells round the entire group! “We get to go outside and learn in more cooperative and hands-on ways. It is helping me memorise things better.

There is Resilience, and There is RESILIENCE | Creative Schools

Together, with Creative Practitioners, Charissa Delima and Andrea Tenger, they brainstormed the Five Habits of Mind; imaginative, inquisitive, discipline, persistence and collaboration.

Healing Country | Creative Schools

Anne was adamant in her approach, which meant that the students, as well as Anne and I, had to be persistent and disciplined in our approach throughout.

The Adventures of AquaFire | Creative Schools

Year 5/6 teacher Mrs Neville worked with creative practitioner Claire Davenhall to create authentic learning activities that focused on the group's inquisitive and persistent habits of learning, during their creative workshop sessions. WHAT WE DID.

Heads Up To The Sky, Imagining Galaxies | Creative Schools

By the end of term, they were starting to make links between this activity and two of the creative habits of learning: persistence and discipline.