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3D Globe Map: Challenging Students to Apply Creative Habits of Learning | Creative Schools

We want students to leave the program with improved ability to be imaginative, collaborative, inquisitive, persistent, and disciplined (disciplined is defined as having the ability to analyse and improve your own work). PIRATICAL RUMBUSTIFICATIONS.

Learning Our Way | Creative Schools

As the weeks went by and we introduced the 5 Habits of Learning - collaboration, persistence, imagination, inquisitiveness, and discipline – we saw a real change in the students.

An Artist's Journey in Providing Engaging Tasks that Assist with the Curriculum | Creative Schools

As a Creative Practitioner, this is probably the most difficult task as it involves a lot of discipline. So, trying to engage year 1 and 2 students with a repetitive task was definitely challenging for me.

Walking Stories | Creative Schools

Through hands-on, authentic experiences, each session was an opportunity for us to explore the 5 Habits of Learning (Collaboration, Persistence, Discipline, Inquisitiveness and Imagination) both explicitly and indirectly.

Blog | Creative Schools

Mixing these up and selecting three, they were then regrouped based on an allocated number, and coaxed outside for the more inquisitive and disciplined professional development. It was here that the Creative Practitioners observed what they always do.

Spirit of Sustainability at a Beach School | Creative Schools

Finally, discipline was an important foundational sustainability skill and came in the form of self-discipline or self-management where the students were expected to take care of their hats, shoes and water bottles.

Casting Light | Creative Schools

We talked about the misunderstanding of the word ‘disciplined’ and its associations with being in trouble or just behaving.

One Class, One Community, One World | Creative Schools

"I used to think as a child that being disciplined was about having strict parents. Now that I’m doing Creative Schools, I realised I didn’t understand what it means. I did research on it.

Project Disruption | Creative Schools

When preparing ideas for alternative housing solutions, and when writing persuasive paragraphs, we placed the focus on the skill of being “disciplined”, looking at “crafting and improving” and “reflecting critically” on their work.

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

They used the Five Habits of Learning as an assessment and evaluation tool where they had to meet the following criteria: Are the rules and playing time clearly thought out with a disciplined pace?