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Where Is Maths? | Creative Schools

Where Is Maths? June 24, 2021. By. Liz Dare. Anthony De Silva. Share this article: WHERE IS MATHS? Case Study: Term 3. School: Governor Stirling Senior High School. Teacher: Anthony de Silva. Year Group: 7. Creative Practitioner: Liz Dare.

Homeland: Ours, Yours, Theirs | Creative Schools

Maths is a subject that generally has definitive answers, the scope for creative learning thereby took place with creative context.

Birds - How Much Are They? | Creative Schools

Maths. • Number and place value. • Measurement, time and geometry. • Patterns. Health. Communication and interacting for health and wellbeing. • Strategies to include others in activities and games.

Arty Geo | Creative Schools

Maths, Science, English, Visual Arts and Technologies. Maths. – Measurement, estimation, mirror images, grids and coordinates. Science. – Characteristics of living things.

Governor Stirling Creative Schools Professional Learning Community | Creative Schools

This year I was partnered with the year 7 maths teacher Anthony de Silva, who threw aside the worksheets for one day each week in term 3 and 4, to take a look at the maths topics of measurement, statistics, ratios and algebra through new eyes.

Creative Schools Innovative Assessment

Let's do the maths.

Learning Our Way | Creative Schools

Maths (number, measurement, shape, data). Science (physical & biological). Arts (making ideas, skills & performance in visual arts and performance), Technologies (processes & production, knowledge & understanding of design and digital technologies).

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

Cross-curricular Links: Earth and Space Sciences, Arts and Maths. Earth and Space Sciences. The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun) (ACSSU078). Arts.

'Doing' Sustainability | Creative Schools

It is one thing to teach the theory of sustainability, but it is another to be able to practice it alongside HASS, English, Maths, Science and Technology. Share this article: News. Research. Diving Into the Deep. October 13, 2020. By. Stephanie Reisch.

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