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Where Is Maths? | Creative Schools

Term 3. School: Governor Stirling Senior High School. Teacher: Anthony de Silva. Year Group: 7. Creative Practitioner: Liz Dare. Creative Practice: Social Innovation. Main Curriculum Focus. : MathMaths Measurement & Statistics. Where is Maths? Cross

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creative schools. APPLY NOW. Home. About. Participants. Resources. Our Approach. Leading for Creativity. Case Studies. Blog. Contact. FOllow. ARTICLES. DISCOVER CREATIVE LEARNING. COLLABoRATIVE. INQuisitive. Persistent. Imaginative. Disciplined. Maths

Governor Stirling Creative Schools Professional Learning Community | Creative Schools

Creative Schools team at Governor Stirling Senior High School supported two teachers to develop their teaching practice by partnering with a Creative Practitioner for two terms. This year I was partnered with the year 7 maths teacher Anthony de Silva, who

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characteristics (e.g. climate, natural vegetation, landforms, native animals) of the continents of South America and North America, and Africa and Europe, and the location of their major countries in relation to Australia. Cross-curricular Links. – Maths, Science

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

Sciences, Arts and Maths. Earth and Space Sciences. The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun) (ACSSU078). Arts. Use of techniques, art processes and exploration of art forms such as monoprinting, sculpture or ceramics (ACAVAM111

'Doing' Sustainability | Creative Schools

sustainability, but it is another to be able to practice it alongside HASS, English, Maths, Science and Technology. Share this article: Welcome to the Creative Schools blog. See the magic of Creative Schools unfold and delve deeper into the art of creative

3D Globe Map: Challenging Students to Apply Creative Habits of Learning | Creative Schools

demonstrate their understanding in maths, technologies, HASS and science, whilst continually applying the Creative Habits of Learning. CREATIVE SCHOOLS. Across Terms 3 and 4 of 2020, Wembley Primary School teacher Leila Sugden and children’s science writer

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traditional owners, and their Elders past and present. We are grateful for the privilege of living and working on Nyoongar Country. © Copyright FORM 2021. Privacy. Terms of use. Let's do the maths. The reach of Creative Schools is broad and inclusive with

Space for Stellar Learning | Creative Schools

was academically high achieving and it helped me a lot by elevating my academic capabilities. However, there was a lot of pressure on students to do well in their year eleven and twelve exams, particularly in the Maths and Science areas of study. In part

An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

in every subject. We could do that in English, Maths and everything.” - Student. HOW WE MADE THE CURRICULUM COME ALIVE. At the start of the project, students created large interactive periodic tables, which they would need to refer back to in future