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methods of monoprint and observational and imaginative drawing. They counted, threaded and constructed mobiles that they held in the air, waiting for the sound of the wind to signify that they would move. Using a tub of water, they piled seeds of all

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changes and wonder what the objects are and what they do. This inquisitive thinking often overlapped with imaginative thinking, where students would see shapes and characters in the natural objects they found. We would also ask, “If you could give it a name

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these planets with careful observation of the details of colours involved in each surface and we managed to complete the whole solar system. “It’s collaborative. You work together. It’s imaginative you have to imagine what things would look like in the future

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learn, are still essential goals. “Imaginative. It’s not like normal school, we don’t stay in the classroom all day, we do fun stuff like go to the beach and to river school.” - Student. A COVERT OPERATION. As well as the key outcomes and curriculum goals for

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unexpected results can give information about the validity of the collection technique - an interesting cross curricular learning experience with scientific methodology. “We were imaginative when we had to think about how we represent our data, what it would

An Artist's Journey in Providing Engaging Tasks that Assist with the Curriculum | Creative Schools

(disciplined, imaginative, persistent, collaborative and inquisitive) and a curriculum focus which for us, was English. The process was so enjoyable and Fiona and I got along and worked together like a well-oiled machine. I believe this was the key to our

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developed by. FORM. We use creative teaching and learning strategies to cultivate student agency, and engage students in deep learning of the Western Australian curriculum, the General Capabilities and the Five Habits of Learning: being imaginative, inquisitive

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learning.” - Student. HOW WE MADE THE CREATIVE HABITS OF MIND COME ALIVE. The students really enjoyed a scavenger hunt around the school to find the Creative Habits of Mind. They were launched into an imaginative scenario: "The evil tyrants from the Planet

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children and the teacher while enhancing tolerance towards class structure and timetables. “They are being imaginative. The children’s language is amazing, especially out here. There are so many options for them to explore.” - Education Assistant. “Knowing