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The Environment and Senses | Creative Schools

A suitcase placed in different spaces each week created an opportunity to invite curiosity and imagination what might be found within it but also to reconsider their suggestions and what the probability of them being correct was.

Citizen Fremantle | Creative Schools

In our sessions we have focused on three of the 5 Habits of Learning - collaborative, persistent and imaginative.

Forest Companions | Creative Schools

Over the 8-week program, Kelly and I designed activities that highlighted 2 of the Creative Habits of Learning - being imaginative and inquisitive.

Learning Our Way | Creative Schools

As the weeks went by and we introduced the 5 Habits of Learning - collaboration, persistence, imagination, inquisitiveness, and discipline – we saw a real change in the students.

Beach School - An Education for all | Creative Schools

Imaginative. It’s not like normal school, we don’t stay in the classroom all day, we do fun stuff like go to the beach and to river school.” - Student. A COVERT OPERATION.

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

It’s imaginative you have to imagine what things would look like in the future. You have to be inquisitive and ask good questions and think of answers.” - Student.

Spirit of Sustainability at a Beach School | Creative Schools

This inquisitive thinking often overlapped with imaginative thinking, where students would see shapes and characters in the natural objects they found. We would also ask, “If you could give it a name, what would you call it?”

Healing Country | Creative Schools

The Haikus offered a really minimalist way to interpret and display information which required a great deal of imagination and inquisitiveness.

Walking Stories | Creative Schools

The natural world provides inspiration for wondering, questioning, inspiration for stories and imagination and a chance to collaborate in ways that indoor spaces simply don’t allow.

Choose Your Own Adventure | Creative Schools

Creating texts Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for a widening range of audiences, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features.