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Persistent, Disciplined, Imaginative, Together | Creative Schools

Persistent, Disciplined, Imaginative, Together. December 19, 2022. By. Andrea Tenger. Louise Halls. Share this article: Creative’s Name: Andrea Tenger. Creative Practice(s): Visual Artist. School: Camboon Primary School. Teacher’s Name: Louise Halls.

We Are All Stardust & Zoo ‘zines | Creative Schools

I’m learning to be more imaginative. The teacher says ‘how can you be more imaginative?’ We created monsters and mine is not what you would expect. Mine has so many things you would not expect.

Westfield Park After Dark | Creative Schools

Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience.

Blog | Creative Schools

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What if? A Time Travel Choose Your Own Adventure in 1800s Western Australia | Creative Schools

This class was initially eager to learn but could not readily access the Five Habits and struggled in particular with being collaborative and imaginative (they were used to having one correct answer, not a multitude).

The Environment and Senses | Creative Schools

A suitcase placed in different spaces each week created an opportunity to invite curiosity and imagination what might be found within it but also to reconsider their suggestions and what the probability of them being correct was.

Improbable Islands | Creative Schools

With those things in mind, we decided to develop a Geography project that would not only stimulate the imagination and develop creative problem-solving skills in the individual but could also be embedded into the curriculum to drive meaningful, research-based

Forest Companions | Creative Schools

Over the 8-week program, Kelly and I designed activities that highlighted 2 of the Creative Habits of Learning - being imaginative and inquisitive.

Learning Our Way | Creative Schools

As the weeks went by and we introduced the 5 Habits of Learning - collaboration, persistence, imagination, inquisitiveness, and discipline – we saw a real change in the students.

Citizen Fremantle | Creative Schools

In our sessions we have focused on three of the 5 Habits of Learning - collaborative, persistent and imaginative.