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Creating Story Through Place | Creative Schools

connecting to place, deepening observation skills.” - Teacher. In the first part of term, the focus was on observing, exploring and investigating the outside space using our ‘inquisitive explorer superpowers’ – our hands (touch), our eyes (sight), our ears

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An Elemental Adventure | Creative Schools

the Year 8 Science Curriculum. Together they focused on two of the learning habits, encouraging collaboration and being inquisitive. They targeted three of the elements of the High Functioning Classroom, group approach to tasks, self as a learning resource

Advocating for the Unknown - Holding Space for the Unexpected Moments of Authentic Learning | Creative Schools

hot”). , confusion (“. we’re outside and it’s not playtime, what’s happening? ”. ) and wonderment (“. wow look at this ant nest!”. ). We went out each lesson on inquisitive explorer missions, using our senses to explore all that’s around us. Using our

Spirit of Sustainability at a Beach School | Creative Schools

changes and wonder what the objects are and what they do. This inquisitive thinking often overlapped with imaginative thinking, where students would see shapes and characters in the natural objects they found. We would also ask, “If you could give it a name

Pets and Space | Creative Schools

You have to be inquisitive and ask good questions and think of answers.” - Student. Each stage required collaboration through team work and dialogue, discipline and persistence. Students needed these skills in making the pets and the planets as some had

Space | Creative Schools

a teacher of 30 years’ experience resulted in a realisation that stretching an activity across two sessions allowed time for the students to become inquisitive and questions to grow. It also meant less planning. Thinking of it like a puzzle with an unknown

An Artist's Journey in Providing Engaging Tasks that Assist with the Curriculum | Creative Schools

(disciplined, imaginative, persistent, collaborative and inquisitive) and a curriculum focus which for us, was English. The process was so enjoyable and Fiona and I got along and worked together like a well-oiled machine. I believe this was the key to our

About | Creative Schools

developed by. FORM. We use creative teaching and learning strategies to cultivate student agency, and engage students in deep learning of the Western Australian curriculum, the General Capabilities and the Five Habits of Learning: being imaginative, inquisitive

There is Resilience, and There is RESILIENCE | Creative Schools

make mistakes and fail. Together, with Creative Practitioners, Charissa Delima and Andrea Tenger, they brainstormed the Five Habits of Mind; imaginative, inquisitive, discipline, persistence and collaboration. The decision was made to explore all Five Habits