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HASS, Science, Math, English. Brookman Primary School. Year 2. Year 3. Download. Collaboration, Persistence, Discipline, Imagination. Primary. HASS, English. Brookman Primary School. Year 3. Read Article.

Animals in the Classroom? | Creative Schools

Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS). HASS Skills. – Questioning and research, identifying current understanding of a topic e.g. brainstorming.

The Journey of the Creative and the School Curriculum | Creative Schools

The sessions needed to consist of the Five Creative Habits of Learning (discipline, imagination, persistence, collaboration and inquisitiveness) and a curriculum focus, which in this case was Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), all other aspects were up

Magical Places Transformed | Creative Schools

HASS - GEOGRAPHY - Places are both similar and different. Cross-curricular Links. Literacy. Dance. WHAT WE DID. Project overview.

Cubbies Through Time | Creative Schools

Main Curriculum Focus: HASS - History. Cross-curricular Links: Mathematics, Design Technologies. CONTEXT.

Hudson Park: It's A Jungle Out There | Creative Schools

Main Curriculum Focus – HASS. Cross-curricular Links. Literacy and Language (listening & speaking, oral presentations, vocabulary, social interaction). Maths (number, measurement, shape, data). Science (physical & biological).

Citizen Fremantle | Creative Schools

HASS - Civics & Citizenship - Australia’s system of government and citizenship. Who can be an Australian citizen? The formal rights and responsibilities, and shared values of Australian citizenship. (ACHHK114). Cross-curricular Links. English Literacy.

The Mystery of Ellenbrook | Creative Schools

Main Curriculum Focus: Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) Skills, HASS History - The history of a significant site or part of the natural environment. Cross-curricular Links: Biological Sciences, General Capabilities. CONTEXT.

Many Worlds | Creative Schools

Main Curriculum Area: Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) with a Drama focus – Identify current understanding of a topic. Identify different points of view/perspectives in information and/or data.

3D Globe Map: Challenging Students to Apply Creative Habits of Learning | Creative Schools

Creating 3D globe maps of the planet Earth allows students to develop and demonstrate their understanding in maths, technologies, HASS and science, whilst continually applying the Creative Habits of Learning. CREATIVE SCHOOLS.